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Copyright for Creatives: A Discussion

Join us at the IPOS International Office for a dynamic discussion on copyright for creatives!
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As photographers, videographers, content producers, and freelance creative professionals in general, our livelihood depends on our ability to commercialise and monetise our art. This ability is eroded when our works are copied or put on the Internet without our consent – a challenge that many of us have experienced.
We are aware that copyright laws are relevant in this regard, but as non-lawyers we may not know exactly how copyright protects our work and how can we use it to enforce our rights.
Join VICPA and IPOS for this 1.5-hour dialogue session which aims to address your burning questions and dispel some common misconceptions. Registration is complimentary. 

Copyright for Creatives: A Discussion (In-Person) 
11 January 2023 | 6:30pm – 8:00pm (GMT +8)
IPOS International Office – Paris 1 & 2

Photographers & videographers
Content creators
Graphic designers
Creative professionals

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This complimentary event is brought to you by IPOS and VICPA, in support of freelance creatives in Singapore.

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